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IIC Internet Virtual servers

On 4/12/07, Matthew Gillen <me at> wrote:
> Even if I can close my eyes to the dumbness of the words used, I can't
> understand the the motivation behind the intent of the statement.  Why do they
> want to restrict customers?  Does it cost them money?  Or are they just afraid
> you'll actually use the amount of bandwidth that they're advertising is
> available to you...

Interestingly, have you ever read your ISPs terms of service in
detail?  When my father signed up for Adelphia 8 years ago or so (no
other high-speed around the area) I actually read through it.  The
terms clearly stated...

"...assumes all ownership for any ideas, communication, and
technologies produced and transmitted via this service..."

So, if you write some proprietary code, and upload to your web server,
Adelphia now has the right to use your source code.  It's ridiculous,
but no one ever reads the terms of service.  Now, Adelphia is a really
evil company (their CEO is in jail now I think), but it makes you
wonder how they are even allowed to let things like this slide.  How
does the public not know?  Well, no one reads this stuff.  Remember
the developer who put an easter egg in the License Agreement and gave
a ton of money to the first person to email the developer about it?
It took years for someone to find that egg.  So no one reads that long
Kristian Hermansen

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