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Moving a MySQL installation?

On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 06:55:15PM -0400, Don Levey wrote:
> I'm upgrading a home machine, which in practice involves simply building 
> a new machine and moving things over to the bigger, faster box.  Not 
> being much of a MySQL person, but using it as the back end of a number 
> of things (Gallery2, Amarok, and others), I find myself needing to move 
> the old data to the new machine or recreate it.  I envision three 
> possibilities, in decreasing levels of desirability:
> 1) Take the data files and move them wholesale to the new machine.  If 
> this is possible, everything comes over at once and when I start sqld 
> everything "just works".
> If #1 is a possibility, what files should I move over?

That should work. Just /var/lib/mysql/. Make sure that you:
a) keep a copy of your original /var/lib/mysql/, just in case
b) mysqld on the old server is stopped before you start copying
c) mysqld on the new server is stopped before you start copying


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