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On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 09:37:36AM -0400, markw at wrote:
> Well, maybe it is technically a little bit of a troll, but come on, if you
> can't get into a good emacs vs vi war, you aren't really a Unix user!

Sorry, they both have their place.

vi is always there. It handles lousy connectivity and poor terminal
emulation gracefully, all the way down to dumb-teletype ex mode. When
you log in to a strange system, vi is available and works much the same
way as it does anywhere else. Sysadmins use vi.

Emacs is powerful. You can build a custom environment that does things
your way, as long as your way is compatible with the Emacs way. Life
can be easier with Emacs. You can do anything inside Emacs, and
some people do everything there. Serious programmers use Emacs.

Everyone who works on a UNIX system needs to know two things about both
Emacs and vi: how to exit without saving, and how to exit and save at
the same time.


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