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XOOPS: Watching a great project fall apart

Everything dies as they say.

But if there is enough interest then you can pump the belows and bring
the project back to life, you don't even need to be a programmer just
a people person. Find out why programmers are no longer developing. Is
it because the developers found something better to work on?

On 17/04/07, Eric C <eric at> wrote:
> <whining>
> in my brief experience with open source software (~4
> or 5 years) i've learned a lot.  basically everything
> i know about computers and my current job is due to
> open source software and the people who support it.
> unfortunately, i'm watching one of my favorite
> projects, XOOPS, completely fall apart.  i started
> using it a couple of years ago after trying out many
> different CMS's and XOOPS was (at the time) the best.
> easy to install, manage and had a ton of modules.
> then there was a shift in leadership.  some devs ran
> for the hills.  the new version was buggy (2.2.x).
> then they went back to the old version.  modules and
> themes weren't compatible.  i got stuck on a basically
> dead fork.  then the main project stopped being
> developed.  on sourceforge the cvs / svn activity is
> basically zero.  everybody on the forums is bitching,
> nobody's developing.  what a shame.  there's xoopscube
> (started by the founder of XOOPS) and some other forks
> but it's not the same.  so sad to watch the dying
> embers of one of my favorite open source projects.  i
> do my part to try and prop it up, but XOOPS is quickly
> dying.
> i guess it's time to start playing with another cms.
> it sucks.
> </whining>
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