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M$ Exchange on Thunderbird?

Samuel Baldwin wrote:
> Hello,
> My mother currently accesses her workstation from home via an ActiveX
> control/program
> in her browser (IE only) in windows.


> I'm trying to get her to switch to
> Linux, and she wants to,
> but because of the fact that she can't access her workstation from linux,
> this causes a problem.
> I managed to find her a way for her to do her work without using ActiveX,
> but she still can't access her
> desktop, which has M$ Outlook connected to a M$ Exchange server. Without
> email, she can't really do her job.
> A quick trip around google told me that this *might* be possible, but was
> not entirely clear.
> So, my question is, has anyone here managed to access a Microsoft Exchange
> server on
> Mozilla Thunderbird, or any other linux mail client? (Or if it's 
> possible to
> run ActiveX on linux).
> Thanks,

Maybe that's the wrong question.  Because f there was a way to switch 
her remote access software to, say, VNC or NX, then you'd be in the 
clear, and wouldn't need to worry about the question of how to access 
Exchange from Linux.  You could easily run clients for those from Linux, 
and then she'd still be able to remotely access her desktop and thus 
access her Outlook like she used to.

But even that might be a moot point.  If it is GoToMyPC that she's 
using, then I think you might not even have to do much of anything to 
solve the problem.  If you access the GoToMyPC app from a browser that 
doesn't support ActiveX, then they make the app available as a Java 
applet.  So as long as her new Linux box has a browser with a Java 
plugin, you'd be in the clear.  (I know this because I've dealt with 
GoToMyPC pretty extensively.  Some lawyer clients of mine use it heavily.)

But at this point I don't even know if GoToMyPC is in fact the app 
you're dealing with.  So please write back with details and I (and 
others) will be able to comment more intelligently.



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