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Postfix Question

Hello List,

I am in search to a solution to get postfix to relay mail to two different
servers with the same domain name (ie.  I believe that I have
it setup correctly now but I get the following error message in the mail

Apr 24 15:38:04 gateway postfix/qmgr[30925]: 31A314262C1:
from=<smtptest at>, size=600, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 24 15:38:04 gateway postfix/local[30944]: 2DA524262BF:
to=<paulmorris at>, relay=local, delay=14311, status=sent (forwarded
as 31A314262C1)
Apr 24 15:38:04 gateway postfix/qmgr[30925]: 2DA524262BF: removed
Apr 24 15:38:29 gateway postfix/smtp[30946]: 31A314262C1:
to=<paulmorris at server.domain.local>, orig_to=<paulmorris at>,
relay=server.domain.local[10.x.x.x], delay=25, status=bounced (host
server.domain.local[10.x.x.x] said: 530 Relayed mail to
paulmorris at server.domain.local not allowed (in reply to RCPT TO command))
Apr 24 15:38:29 gateway postfix/cleanup[30945]: 15F6B4262E4:
message-id=<20070424193829.15F6B4262E4 at gateway.domain.local>
Apr 24 15:38:29 gateway postfix/qmgr[30925]: 15F6B4262E4: from=<>,
size=2576, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 24 15:38:29 gateway postfix/qmgr[30925]: 31A314262C1: removed
Apr 24 15:38:44 gateway postfix/smtp[30948]: 15F6B4262E4:
to=<smtptest at>,[], delay=15,
status=bounced (host[]
said: 550 <smtptest at>: Recipient address rejected:
5.1.1 User unknown (in reply to RCPT TO command))
Apr 24 15:38:44 gateway postfix/qmgr[30925]: 15F6B4262E4: removed

Mail comes into the system as user at  In the alisas table, we have
it setup to forward as follows:

user:		user at server.domain.local
user2:	user2 at server2.domain.local

Even though it appears to be relaying the mail from the log above, I can't
see the attempted delivery in either of the mail server logs.  If there is
an expert at Postfix out there, we really need someone to come in to work
on this... hopefully it won't take more than a few hours to fix.  The two
mail systems we are trying to forward to are Exchange 2007 and FirstClass.

Thank you!!!!

Paul Morris
Systems Network Administrator
Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School
785 Beaver Street
Waltham, MA  02452

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