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Re: mysql backup quesiton

 My application is mantis, the bug tracking software. I need to make sure 
that on a 24 hr interval, some kind of snap shot is made of the 
database, through any backup mechanism out there, so that if the 
database get corrupted, I loose at most 24 hours of data. I like the 
idea of database replication. The replicated database will only be 
accessed in case the master database get corrupted some how. Should I be 
thinking about using postgressql instead? 

Cheers. Steve. 

David Hummel wrote: 
> On Jan 3, 2008 9:17 AM, Stephen Adler <[hidden email]> wrote: 
>> I need to backup my mysql database. Doing the 5min google search on the 
>> topic, it looks like mysqldump is the tool of choice. The bit which I 
>> don't like about mysqldump, is that it generates an ascii .sql script 
>> which if invoked on a fresh mysql database, will recreate the database. 
> This is not entirely accurate.  Assuming you are using a recent 
> version of MySQL, it will not recreate the database, but it will drop 
> and recreate all of the tables in the database.  The --opt option to 
> mysqldump is the default since MySQL 4.1 (IIRC).  This option will add 
> drop table statements (--add-drop-table) to the dump.  If you want to 
> avoid this, run the command with --skip-opt and -t.  This will 
> generate only insert statements.  Can I ask why you are worried about 
> recreating the tables? 
>> Are there any database 
>> synchronization tools or database mirroring tools which will do an 
>> rsync like operation between databases? 
> 8>< 
>> The same for a database would be great, and thus ever 24 hours, I 
>> would only have to update the new content in the database, instead of 
>> dump out everything into an ascii file... 
> It sounds like what you really want is to replicate the database. 
> Will any apps actually be using this second instance of the db? 
> Perhaps describe in more detail what you want to do. 

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