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Re: mysql backup quesiton

 dear steve, 

i think mysqldump is the best option here because you don't need 
redundant server running at the same time. Most of the time, 
ascii dump is sufficient as a snapshot. Unless you need to have 
an exact mirror database server, then you might want to consider 
rsync or even replication (I never try this one on mysql). 

It reminds me to my project on mayoral election database back home 
there. I managed a mysql server and scheduled hourly mysqldump. 
It worked like charm. 


On Jan 3, 2008 1:19 PM, Tom Metro <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> Dan Ritter wrote: 
> > Stephen Adler wrote: 
> >> I need to make sure that on a 24 hr interval, some kind of snap 
> >> shot is made of the database... 
> > 
> > I don't think you'd have any problems...shutting down 
> > the database, running mysqldump, gzipping the output and 
> > rsyncing it to two or three places. 
> > 
> > Sometimes the simple solutions are best. 
> I agree with Dan that replication is not warranted for this application. 
>  mysqldump dump is trivial to set up, and it provides abundant options 
> for controlling what gets dumped and whether logs are flushed and tables 
> locked before/during the dump. 
> Rich Braun wrote: 
> > So you could in theory write a program which evaluates the tables ("SHOW 
> > STATUS\G") by Update_time and by Data_length, and backs up just those 
> since 
> > the last backup.  Maybe someone has already done that but it'd probably 
> be 
> > hard to find, because its usefulness would be limited to particular 
> sites for 
> > which an incremental backup is important... 
> Yes, such a tool exists. At the November MySQL Meetup on the topic of 
> MySQL replication someone mentioned that there is a Perl script for 
> doing incremental syncing of two databases. It's used to recover from a 
> broken replication. 
> > A note about mysqldump vs. snapshots:  mysqldump is more portable across 
> MySQL 
> > versions, so that's the preferred method if you're only using one backup 
> > method. 
> Right. This of course also applies to the scenario in which you shut 
> down the server (or flush the buffers and lock tables) and copy the 
> binary database files. 
> It's been discussed on this list before. Good for short term backups, 
> but not so good for archival storage. 
>  -Tom 
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> Tom Metro 
> Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA 
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