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[Fwd: Re: USB Device]


> jbk wrote: 
>> Is the recognition of a particular piece of USB hardware dependent on 
>> the kernel or the hal and/or hwdata definitions? The reason I ask is 
>> that I am considering downloading the F8 source for hal and the hwdata 
>> and compiling them on F7 for my current kernel version. Has anyone 
>> done this or do you think I'm asking for trouble? 
> It's really hard to say.  It used to be that everything that a driver 
> needed was in the kernel-space.  Some things have been migrating to 
> user-space though, and device-specific variations/configurations for, 
> say, the general usb-storage driver, might very well be one of those 
> things. 
> The only thing that might bite you is if the hwdata depends on a driver 
> feature that wasn't in the F7 kernel version.  I don't follow the 
> development of that stuff closely enough to tell you what the odds of 
> that are.  However, you could avoid the issue completely by grabbing the 
> F8 kernel src.rpm and rebuilding it on your F7 box.  Or, even easier, 
> try to just install the F8 kernel.  If there aren't any RPM complaints, 
> then it should work fine. 
> HTH, 
> Matt 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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