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Way cool visual diff tool

 As I enter the final stages of switching from my old server to my new 
server (yes, it's taking this long.  I have that little free time, and I 
only play a SysAdmin on TV), I needed to diff a lot of config files from 
the old server and the new server.  I tried using KDE's Komapre, and 
found it... lacking.  Its diff capabilities were very poor. 

I just found meld (, and it's awesome!  Not 
only is the diffing better, but you can specify different regexes to 
ignore, show line numbers, change the visualization of the differences, 
and even edit the files in place.  If you edit the files, it dynamically 
recalculates the diff to immediately reflect you changes. 

Two tired thumbs up.  Oh, and they have install packages for about a 
dozen POSIX platforms (Sorry, Windows users). 

PS: Old server had a crash at 3:30am today.  Probably disk related, and 
it took a couple of fsck sessions to get everything mounted again.  But 
I didn't lose anything this time.  I hope to do the switch this weekend. 
 I have postfix, dovecot, apache, tomcat, mysql, postgres and the 
firewall configured.  The next big one when I have time this weekend is 
to try to move my MythTV setup to it.  That will be interesting. 

PPS: What do you all think about a discussion-format meeting to discuss 
consumer-level backup/logging/troubleshooting techniques?  I know I've 
developed quite a few over the years, and I'm sure everyone has their 
own bag of tricks.  Maybe we can assemble them onto a web page on 

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