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Re: odd mail problem

 I'm using sendmail. How do I tell sendmail that has an 
mx record and should deliver the mail to the ip address defined by the 
mx record? 

Dan Ritter wrote: 
> On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 09:53:03PM -0500, Stephen Adler wrote: 
>> I have the following setup. My server is called and I 
>> have a permanent IP address assigned to it. An A record. My mail is 
>> being serviced by a mail service provider called I've 
>> defined the mx record for to point to luxsci's mail 
>> servers. But, if I send e-mail on my home server, to 
>> [hidden email], it sends it directly to my home server and 
>> ignores the MX record. Do you guys know how to get send mail on my 
>> server to not ignore the mx record so that it sends the e-mail to 
>> luxsci's mail servers? 
> You don't say what MTA you're running, but I can explain the 
> problem to you anyway. 
> When you send mail from, the local MTA has to 
> make a decision: where do I send this? First it looks to see 
> whether the mail is local: is there a username without a 
> right-hand-side? No? Well, let's look at the right-hand-side. Is 
> it something that I'm supposed to answer for? It is? Great, I'll 
> deliver locally. 
> The A record is a red herring. 
> -dsr- 

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