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Re: PostgreSQL vs MySQL Throughdown! Teams?

 Fred wrote: 
> On Wed, 2008-01-16 at 12:13 -0500, [hidden email] wrote: 
>> Your post sort of states why I think this would be 
>> [fun|good|useful|educational] 
>> Everyone has a benchmark and for some reason it never really compares 
>> apples to apples and oranges to oranges. There is always some aspect of it 
>> that isn't coherent. 
>> I think a "real life" benchmark that can be (is) run against MySQL and 
>> PostgreSQL on the same machines, and not just the huge power servers, but 
>> the conservative median servers that are used in development and small to 
>> medium companies would be useful for a lot of people. 
>> The problem with TPC is that, last I recall, MySQL did not support enough 
>> of the SQL standard to implement it. 
>> Lastly there is an amount of real experience that is gained by doing this 
>> sort of thing on your own. It is one thing to read the results of someone 
>> else's benchmark, but it is quite another thing to be writing/performing 
>> the benchmark and seeing the effects on your own and really equating the 
>> nature of the test and results. Having the chance to tune the queries for 
>> better results and seeing the effect of different query strategies. 
>> Professionally, I have not benchmarked MySQL in a few years and I'm going 
>> to do it for my own edification. It would be cool if more people can get 
>> involved and make it a broader and more comprehensive test. 
> I would love to also throw Oracle in the mix as well, for anyone out 
> there who is an Oracle guru. 

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