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Re: Regular Expression Search and parse?

 On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 09:47:20AM -0500, [hidden email] wrote: 
> Well, I think we have discovered a need for a "new" UNIX command line 
> utility. 

Doesn't this go against the basic philosophy of UNIX?  A bit of grep/sed/awk, 
etc can already fill the request, so why write a specialized tool to handle it? 

If the OP only needs it once, then you can do it on a single command line.  If 
it's a regular need, we've already spent more time discussing it than would be 
required to write the two line shell script to have it available all the time. 

> What do you think? Usefull? 

Write it, put it on sourceforge, advertise on freshmeat, build RPM and Deb 
packages.  If it's in the base install in 5 years for some distributions, then 
the answer is yes. 

But I'll bet you it isn't.  :-) 

Actually, speaking to that point, does anyone know what was the last shell tool 
that was incorporated into the UNIX canon?  Are there recent ones?  The canon 
may not be canonical enough to answer this question perhaps. 


change in all things is sweet.                             <aristotle> 

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