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Re: I really prefer Linux over everything else

 I totally have to dissagree with you, macs are sweet and awesome and 
beautiful. I have never seen a better display, relibality, applications suit 
and support for my mac pro. It comes with everything you could ever dream of 
except for photoshop, but the thing about it is... it just works, all the 
time.... I want to play a dvd? I open up, the dvd player, I want to edit a 
movie, iMovie, I want to burn a cd? Built in, I want to burn a dvd? Go to 
iDVD... the thing is, I CAN do all of that in linux but i've had such a 
hastle doing it that I haven't found it to be worth it... and I would have 
to pay to be able to do all of the above in windows. 

The thing that I love linux for is learning about OSes, how they work, open 
source and really serious development. ATM at work we are using windows IDE 
stuff to write the program on and it's okay... but it's a pain in the ass to 
do much of anything without an icon. Linux is great for development, I would 
even say better then mac, but i'm a cli junkie and emacs under mac isn't so 
nice... Also linux got the key bindings correct, but for normal every day 
use, I really prefer mac over linux, for useful programing and learning 
bits... I always prefer linux. ~Ben 

On Jan 19, 2008 11:12 PM, Kent Borg <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> Mark Woodward wrote: 
> > Then I started thinking, I don't want a Mac. I really don't. 
> I am about to buy a Macbook, so my wife will have a warm spare for her 
> current Mac notebook, and so I will have a warm spare for my Ubuntu 
> notebook.  Yes, I'll probably run Mac OS X on it some too, but mostly I 
> expect I will stick with Linux, Ubuntu-flavored. 
> > I don't want Windows either. 
> Gaak! 
> -kb, the Kent who expected to buy Apple's new ultra-light notebook, but 
> it weighs more than his current notebook with fewer features (one USB 
> with no ethernet is the real killer), so a plain Macbook it will be. 
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