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RE: Inexpensive way to backup data


if you link is slow, How about get a used small machine from eBay, or the 
trash bin, 
load backuppc on it, use a USB drive for the data store.  If this is for 
take the drive to work or get a shelf at some family members house across 
town you 
visit regularly to store it on.  Have at least 3 drives.  so one is off 
site, one is 
being available for backups, and one can be 'in transport'.  Rotate them 
weekly even if 
you do daily backups. 

If you are doing it for a small business, rotate them daily, and get 6 or 7 
drives, with most 
staying off site, and one or two onsite. 

If you have both Unix and windows, I would suggest backuppc.  If it is Unix 
only, dervish 
does well. 

Just a thought. 

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Subject: Re: Inexpensive way to backup data 

James Kramer wrote: 
> I am using as an inexpensive virtual server provider.  They 
> provide me with a static IP and all the tools that I ever needed to 
> operate the server.  I can not be more pleased with their operation. 
> Recently, I was trying to rsync my home network data files with my 
> server at Linode and I ran out of disk space.  I inquired to Linode 
> about increasing my disk space indicating that I need the least 
> expensive method possible.  They directed me to the Amazon S3 AWS 
> service.  They also provided a Howto to set up a cron job to do daily 
> backups of my data files:  Here's a link to the howTo: 
> Check out the cost to store data listed at the bottom of the URL 
> Jay 

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