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RE: Inexpensive way to backup data

 At my last job I set up a few backuppc servers for this little company 
and their clients.  Over really slow links you don't want to do a big 
backup, but setting it up to do just what you need (is great).   


If the links are slow, make sure you set compression on, it can save more 
it costs just on data transmission. 

setting up the disk pools on Linux or other *nix, set up a separate 
and set noatime (no access time) on that file system.  It just slows things 
down re-writing directory blocks for this data that does not matter, since 
the files can be read a lot. 

Don't use ext3 file system, ext2 is OK (the caching just gets in the way 
and doesn't speed up things for backups and wastes some disk space).  Ext3 
works, just doesn't add value. 

Set it up to do compression BEFORE DOING YOUR FIRST BACKUP.   I like level 
but 3 to 5 is better than nothing.  If you have slow clients 9 can take a 
lot longer.  The md5 checksums are done on the pre-compressed data as I 
so backuppc will know the files are the same, but since one is compressed 
one isn't it will keep both till the older one ages off.  This can take 
quire a while. 
This one bit me more than once (slow learner I guess). 

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