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Re: KTorrent Protocol Encryption (was Re: Steal this film 2)

 Fred wrote: 
> On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 07:19 -0500, eric c wrote: 
> ... 
>> Sorry to hear about them blocking bittorrent.  Probably won't do much 
>> good but I hope that you have complained.  Switch to Speakeasy.  It's 
>> way overpriced but no blocked ports or filtering (that I can tell). 
>> Anyway... 
> KTorrent has an option to use protocol encryption in its General 
> Preferences. Does this not work with Crumcast? 

Encryption of the payload doesn't help, because Comcast isn't discriminating 
about what's being sent (as is apparent in the other threads about their "spam 
blocking").  They were mucking with the protocol itself. 

It /might/ help to use SSL for everything, since in theory that would prevent 
the ISP from detecting what protocols above IP are being used.  But my 
understanding is that as a downloader, you don't get to choose whether a 
torrent is over SSL or not, it depends on the tracker (and all the other 
clients).  So that might work for torrents you create, but if you're 
downloading random torrents from the internet, they're likely to not be using SSL. 


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