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Re: I really prefer Linux over everything else

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 09:42 -0500, Fred wrote: 
> On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 01:13 -0500, Jarod Wilson wrote: 
> > On Sunday 20 January 2008 01:13:52 pm [hidden email] wrote: 
> ... 
> > > Hope you don't 
> > > have a video running. Hope no one else is using it while you want to. 
> > 
> > I suppose not. But really, the only applications I typically run remotely are 
> > command line anyhow, which works just the same on both Linux and Mac OS X. 
> In my brief experience with the Mac on one engagement, I was annoyed 
> with how it's command-line console works. It's not quite like KDE at all 
> -- differences in the keyboard shortcuts, copy and paste, and other 
> things drove me nuts. Not to mention getting the console windows 
> perfectly aligned. 
> Also, for multiple monitors, the Mac behaves in the way Xinerama does on 
> Linux -- tries to treat all your monitors as though they're one -- with 
> the obvious annoyance that your desktop bar exists only on one monitor. 
> It's very annoying to have to drag the mouse across 3 monitors just to 
> launch another application. Windows also has the failing. Neither 
> Windows nor Mac give you the option of having a desktop bar on *all* 
> monitors like XWindows does.   
> I guess I am used to the way KDE does things, and have customized my 
> Konsole environment to be attuned to the fact that I may be logged into 
> various machines remotely. I've written this nice login script that 
> changes the Konsole Schema on the fly when I log into a remote machine 
> or even when I run Emacs, and changes it back when I'm done. I'm a 
> stickler for this because too many times in the past I've accidentally 
> shut down a production server when I meant to shut down my local 
> machine! 
> I suppose it's possible to do something similar on the Mac, but have not 
> had the time to figure it out. BTW, if anyone's interested in my 
> automatic Konsole Schema switcher, let me know and I'll make it 
> downloadable somewhere. There are other examples of this already 
> available, though. 
> I do have one nit about Konsole -- whenever I add a new Schema, it seems 
> to get confused with schemas it's already using and typically will 
> display the wrong one. Anyone know of how to get around that? 
> I must confess that 70-90% of my productive KDE use is as a glorified 
> console manager. The other windows usually have Emacs running in 
> them! :-) 
> While we're pounding the pavement with personal preferences and 
> opinions, perhaps we can get into a Emacs vs. vi debate. I'm a definite 
> Emacs person and love having some of its advanced features available 
> when I need them. I know systems types like vi better, but since I have 
> to do *some* systems, I always try to install Emacs when I can, and only 
> use vi when I have no option. 
> I love Emacs' language modes and wouldn't know how to get along without 
> them. :-) Also, Emacs used to be lauded as a "resource hog" -- but that 
> was in the days when a Megabyte of RAM was "the sky". Today, I find 
> Emacs to be far less resource intensive than, say, Eclipse. I used to 
> play around with Eclipse and other major IDEs in the not-too-distant 
> past, and I always find they tend to get more in the way than they help, 
> though they can be VERY helpful with class browsing -- which was the 
> main feature I used them for. Debugging was a mixed bag-- and in many 
> cases the debug mode would introduce effects not present during normal 
> runtime. I find that I can tailor Emacs to do what I want; not what the 
> IDE wants, and that other IDEs tend to be more limited on the 
> configurability side of things. 
> -Fred 

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