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Re: I really prefer Linux over everything else

 On Jan 21, 2008, at 09:42, Fred wrote: 

> In my brief experience with the Mac on one engagement, I was annoyed 
> with how it's command-line console works. It's not quite like KDE at   
> all 
> -- differences in the keyboard shortcuts, copy and paste, and other 
> things drove me nuts. Not to mention getting the console windows 
> perfectly aligned. 

Hey, at least the Mac terminal's key commands are at least closer to   
Konsole than the gnome-terminal commands are to either one... :) 

Oh, and in 10.5, there are a few nice new additions to the terminal   
app. First and most important, it finally supports tabs. Second, it   
supports multiple schemas. Third, it supports saving a set of windows   
and tabs as a 'workspace' that you can have automatically set up when   
you launch the terminal program. (Yes, in this instance, I'm pretty   
sure Apple stole some good ideas from the likes of Konsole and others). 

> Also, for multiple monitors, the Mac behaves in the way Xinerama   
> does on 
> Linux -- tries to treat all your monitors as though they're one --   
> with 
> the obvious annoyance that your desktop bar exists only on one   
> monitor. 

Minor clarification: while it indeed doesn't seem to be possible to   
put a copy of the menu bar on every display, you *can* have the menu   
bar span displays. Why you would want to though is beyond me... :) 

> It's very annoying to have to drag the mouse across 3 monitors just to 
> launch another application. 

See my note earlier in the thread about using spotlight for this w/o   
even touching your mouse. Can also be done with LaunchBar, iirc. 

Jarod Wilson 
[hidden email] 

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