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Re: truth in advertising for ISPs

 Actually this would be really interesting esp (b) for things like viruses. 
If an ISP allows the content of a virus over their wire, and it infects a 
company, is the ISP libel? See... if companies are forcing the ISPs to cover 
their bits, the ISPs always loose. I mean this would be like an airline 
being fined for allowing an explosive on board. I mean, what happens if a 
company gets hacked, like tj macks? Is the ISP who's wire the bits flowed on 
responsible for the attack? These are really gross questions, and i'm very 
very surprised I haven't heard anything about them, someone has the ISPs 
asses, and I would love to know who. ~Ben 

On Jan 22, 2008 1:21 PM, <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> "Ben Holland" writes: 
> -+------------------- 
>  |  I have a very strong feeling the first thing you need 
>  |  to really pass is a law enabling ISPs to not be sued 
>  |  for what they pass over their pipes, I am not really 
>  |  sure if this has already been done but I have heard 
>  |  humors about the possibility of companies like viacom 
>  |  and sony to be able to sue comcast for allowing 
>  |  downloads of copyrighted material (didn't this spark 
>  |  the whole net neutrality thing?). If they can 
>  |  successfully get away with that... well lets just hope 
>  |  they can't. ~ben 
>  | 
> In the spirit of Dr. Seuss' "If I Ran the Zoo," by 
> this time tomorrow I'd put this letter in front of 
> the CEOs of every ISP... 
> > 
> >  Dear ISP, 
> > 
> >  You have a choice.  It is: 
> > 
> >  (a) You get Common Carrier exemption from liability, 
> >  but as a cost you are forbidden to charge differentially 
> >  for one kind of bits over another.  Bits are bits. 
> > 
> >  (b) You get the freedom to differentially charge whatever 
> >  you like, such as to make movie downloads far more expensive, 
> >  but as a cost you are responsible for the content you carry. 
> > 
> >  Choose wisely.  No refunds or returns at this window. 
> > 
> >  Yours, 
> > 
> >  Uncle Sam, Inc. 
> > 
> With that, we'd sew up Network Neutrality, porn on 
> the wire, and Internet security for the masses in 
> one tidy package. 
> --dan 

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