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Re: Anti-recommendation: Comcast.

 On Jan 23, 2008 4:57 PM, John Abreau <[hidden email]> wrote: 
> On Jan 23, 2008 4:30 PM, Matt Shields <[hidden email]> wrote: 
> > I understand Comcast's decision, because they want to stop the flood 
> > of spam coming from home networks.  But for someone like myself which 
> > has valid servers on the internet and a valid reason for allowing 
> > outbound connecting to port 25, and I control what comes in and out of 
> > them, then I am responsible for stopping spam or my upstream provider 
> > will shut me off.  If Comcast is going to require my customer's use 
> > Comcast's outbound smtp servers, then that doesn't help me control 
> > what type of customers are on my servers.  In fact it means I can't 
> > use Domain Keys or SPF for my customers. 
> I'm not defending Comcast; personally, my reaction to their blocking 
> would be to switch to a different provider. 
> If I understand correctly, you have a colocated mail server that is unrelated 
> to Comcast, and some or all of your customers use Comcast as their ISP. 
> Comcast is making life difficult for them. 
> If this is what we're talking about, then there's not a lot you can do. 
> Their options are essentially (1) convince Comcast to stop blocking 
> their access; (2) implement a workaround; or (3) switch to a different 
> ISP. It's not a problem that you can fix for them; the best you can do 
> is to give them advice on how you think they should proceed. 
> -- 
> John Abreau / Executive Director, Boston Linux &amp; Unix 

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