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Re: When will Verizon FIOS be coming to [YOUR TOWN NAME HERE]?

 Somerville is out because they don't think there will be enough people who 
can spend that kinda money to get it. Cambridge has it as a test. It's 
wicked expensive to set up because you basically need to put in all new 
infrastructure. If you can't it out of the towns, or they don't think enough 
people are willing enough to spend the extra cash to get it, they will not 
stick it in. Any idea about how the copper cutting lawsuit is going? I heard 
about that over the summer and I am not sure what congress did about it, if 
anything. ~Ben 

On Jan 24, 2008 10:50 PM, Derek Atkins <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> Quoting Matt Shields <[hidden email]>: 
> > It seems like all my friends keep asking me this and I keep calling 
> > Verizon to ask because I want it too.  They always tell me that they 
> > aren't told when it will be available in my town.  So the other day I 
> > was talking with a friend of mine who is the LAN/WAN Manager for the 
> > town next to me.  He was telling me that in that town, you won't see 
> > FIOS for at least 5 years and possibly never.  Not because Verizon 
> > doesn't want to install it, it's because some towns have signed 
> > exclusivity agreements with Comcast in exchange for being paid a quite 
> > a bit of money. If they do not renew the exclusivity agreement when it 
> > comes up, then they lose that money.  He said he's pretty sure that 
> > most towns that do not have FIOS already have these agreements with 
> > Comcast. 
> Somerville doesn't have FiOS, but there's also no exclusivity agreement 
> because we have a choice between RCN and Comcast.  So I don't think that's 
> what's keeping Vz out. 
> > -matt 
> -derek 
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