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Re: When will Verizon FIOS be coming to [YOUR TOWN NAME HERE]?

 Hello Ward, 
        I 'm not sure about the "cherry picking" discussion. I live in 
Lynn..... I 've Fios -Internet and TV for over a year now. The service is 
much better that Comcast at a better rate. 
        Fiber to the home is now. Verizon does wish to invest in the fiber 
plant - and not in the copper plant. Many of the installers I have spoken to 
confirm this 
        I agree with you that all communities can benefit from this 
technology today. I am not sure what the delays are, but the service was 
growing too fast , the installation service from Verizon did suffer - missed 
appointments etc. I can confirm this myself. 
        As an investor - single stock and mutual funds - the stock is at $38 
per share and pays a good dividends. It a buy. I hope everyone can get it. 


Stephen Goldman 
System Administrator 
MIT Biology 
[hidden email] 

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Subject: Re: When will Verizon FIOS be coming to [YOUR TOWN NAME HERE]? 

> On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 11:33:43PM -0500, Ben Holland wrote: 
>> Somerville is out because they don't think there will be enough people 
>> who 
>> can spend that kinda money to get it. 
> Hmmm? I believe there has been talk before about Vz cherry-picking the 
> wealthiest communities for rollouts first, with less affluent towns 
> following 
> (much) later if at all. They always deny doing that of course. 
> Anyway; your comment sounds a little insulting and not all that 
> well-informed; FiOS is not more expensive than the alternatives (at least 
> not 
> yet, afaik). You're not suggesting that only very few people in Somerville 
> have internet access and/or cable because everyone is too poor, right? 
> Also, the population density in Somerville is such that it would be a very 
> attractive target for a FiOS rollout - for every mile of fiber you can 
> hook 
> up way more people than in a lot of the other communities that got FiOS 
> already. 
> Perhaps FiOS is not in Somerville yet because there is more competition 
> than 
> in most towns: there are two cable providers - Comcast and RCN. 
> Thanks, 
> Ward. 
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