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Re: When will Verizon FIOS be coming to [YOUR TOWN NAME HERE]?

 On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 23:33:43 -0500, Ben Holland <[hidden email]>   

> It's wicked expensive to set up 

Roughly a year ago, maybe longer, I was chatting with a FiOS tech. who   
quietly told me that it costs Verizon $1,000 per subscriber to set up. 

Here in Waltham, I'm on Grove St., and can look out my back windows at   
some sort of pole-mounted FiOS box that apparently feeds several   
subsidiary nearby boxen. There's a coil of fiber cable attached to   
existing cable supports, and that must be ours. Seems that fairly often,   
V. does a truck roll and a tech. goes up to the box, does something that   
doesn't take long, then closes it up and drives away. Inside the box is   
another box with a door and what look like fiber cables. 

Eventually, we hope, V. will run fiber to the basement of my bldg. (which   
is where all copper pairs go). However, the duct that carries the Cu-pair   
cable from the pole to our cellar is plugged, and they seem to be in no   
hurry to fix things. 

We do have the fiber installed from our basements to our closets (multiple   
buildings, several apts. per building -- motel-like). Extremely likely   
that all buildings are connected to mine by fiber in buried ducts. 

Btw, the "snowshoes" attached to the overhead cable are for looping back   
extra length; there's a rather-large minimum bend radius, apparently to   
keep losses low; fibers themselves (grouped as flat tapes of iirc a dozen)   
should be able (imho) to take much-sharper bends without harm. 

If a fiber is bent with a short radius, some light leaks out; that's one   
way (only way? I have no idea...) to "tap" the fiber. 

Field splicing is to be avoided if possible, pretty sure. 


Considering all the advertising that's mailed here, Comcast must provide   
connections (I didn't say service*...). We also have RCN, which, a few   
years ago, installed lots of buried ducts and manholes, at least in   
central Waltham. *As in a bull "servicing" a cow... 


It might have been a Speakeasy support tech. who said that in the Eastern   
US, there's a lot of fiber because aging copper is becoming costly to   
maintain. (I'm on my second pair; original one was judged too costly to   
fix when it went bad.) 

Nicholas Bodley 
Waltham, Mass. 
If you shine a laser pointer into a communications fiber 
without a lens made for the purpose, you won't see 
light coming out the other end (at least in my experience, 
with pieces a few inches long.) 

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