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Re: OT: NothchUp

 The excessive invites are due to a 10% finders fee incentive based on 
the hired person's salary. I'm not so sure the rates are sustainable 
(what are the headhunter's rates in general???), but the basic concept 
is interesting. I understood it as a self cleaning system - which may be 
the intended garden path.... It also looks a little like a pyramid - I 
wouldn't know how to prove that, though. 

David Kramer wrote: 
> NotchUp (a website that admits to being in Beta) provides a unique way 
> for employers and candidates to connect: Instead of the company paying 
> a recruiter a lot of money, the company actually pays the candidate to 
> be interviewed (I assume MotchUp gets their pound of flesh, too). 
> You can only sign up with an invite from a current member.  I have 
> just received a flood of invites from my fans on this list, so I 
> wanted to address this here.  I'm very intrigued by the concept, but I 
> really don't like their TOS statement, and they don't even have a 
> privacy statement, which is probably due to the fact that the TOS says 
> they can share all information about you with anyone they want. 
> I'm especially sensitive to this in the employment arena, because the 
> wrong person submitting your resume to a company effectively blocks 
> them from talking to anyone else about hiring you. 
> So, thanks, but no thanks. 

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