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Re: vi

 Samuel Baldwin wrote: 
> 2008/1/26, jbk <[hidden email]>: 
>> I need to add a user to sudoers and that must be done with 
>> visudo. I don't use vi and it is not installed. I can start 
>> visudo and enter the text but I have no idea how to exit and 
>> save the file. I had to kill the terminal to get out of it. 
> vimtutor 
> You start entering text with a or i (depending on if you want it 
> before or after the current letter). Press escape to return to command 
> mode, then type :wq to save and quit (:w saves, :q quits. If you don't 
> want to save the changes, use :q! ). 
> That should be enough. Knowing how to use vim is very important, you 
> should at least learn, even if you don't user it. 

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