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Re: which provider you suggest

 bas milis wrote: 
> dear all, 
> my friend came and asked me which internet provider would I suggest 
> for home user. since I do not come from boston and I hooked from 
> my school wireless all this time, so I forward this question to you 
> guys. any suggestion? 

I used to use Speakeasy, which was great, but expensive.  After a few 
years, I noticed that for less than I was paying Speakeasy to give me 
DSL with static IP connecting to the Real Internet, I could get Verizon 
DSL connecting to the Luser Internet *plus* a virtual server at 
OpenHosting connecting to the Real Internet.  Also, I trusted 
OpenHosting to competently handle things like power interruptions and 
disk backups better than I could myself. 

("Real Internet" = you're allowed to do pretty much anything except spam 
and you're expected to have some basic technical competence.  "Luser 
Internet" = if you're trying to host a server don't be surprised to see 
your ports blocked and if you're running Linux don't expect any tech 
support.  Cf. the recent thread on Comcast.  I've just given up any hope 
that an ISP with enough volume to keep prices low is going to support 
the Real Internet.) 

So I reluctantly signed up for Verizon DSL (I don't have cable, don't 
want to pay for cable, so Comcast was out of the question).  The 
transition left me without any broadband access for about a week longer 
than I expected, and I had to claw through layers of bureaucracy to get 
information from anybody at Verizon with a clue, but ever since the 
transition happened, I've had no complaints.  Bits come in, bits go out, 
and if I want to futz with my public-facing Web site I log into OpenHosting. 

As wicked slothful money-grubbing monopolists go, Verizon is tolerable. 

> thx, 
> -bas 

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