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Re: How long to setup a new system?

 On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 12:10 -0500, Dan Ritter wrote: 
> > > At work, I use a configuration management system to load 
> > > packages and establish config files. It takes about 2 hours 
> > > from bare-metal to ready-to-be-tested. 

Here in Red Hat and Fedora land, typically between 15 and 45 minutes 
from bare-metal to ready-to-be-tested, with an appropriate kickstart 
file in place. Same difference for me if its just a test box or a 
workstation in the office, as we've got a kerberos/NIS/autofs/NFS home 
setup here. 

A bit of a difference between the above and a laptop though... While my 
new laptop was viable within two or three hours of unpacking it (i.e., 
all the essentials installed and configured, able to surf wirelessly, 
get on the corp vpn, check email, etc), I'm still tweaking things on it 
even today. :) 

> > > It's a lot of work initially, but modifying it is easy and 
> > > the long-term time savings is wonderful. 
> I should have put a bigger conceptual break here. 
> > > For my desktop systems, I do 
> (and this should work on any Debian-style system, including 
> .*buntu) 

Lack of being able to choose packages at installation time is one of the 
things I rather dislike about the ubuntu installer. I suppose its fine 
for those who only run what's on the iso, but that generally seems to be 
insufficient for power users. 

Jarod Wilson 
[hidden email] 

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