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YouTube, Flash, Firefox and Fedora

 So I finally decided to reinstall Fedora on my main desktop at home, as 
I was running FC6 and was tired of a completely silent PC in defiance of 
all explanations and troubleshooting.  I installed F8, and I got my 
sound.  I spent a number of hours setting up the machine* and got things 
more of less where I wanted them. 

I made sure Firefox was installed and working, and even installed Flash 
from Adobe.  Doesn't show in the plug-ins dialog, but the RPM is there. 
  I went to YouTube, checked out a few videos, and I had both sound and 
video.  Everyone was happy, we went back to the church for a 
Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, and didn't get up until the 
next morning, when... 

...I tried to go back to YouTube.  No errors, but just a white spot 
where the video should be.  No sound, no indication that anything should 
have been there.  I installed something called "download assistant" (or 
the like) which allows me to download the .flv files, and I can play 
them in vlc, so I'm set there, but it seems odd that it would just stop 
working like this.  Anyone see this before? 

*With regard to installation and setup time (in another thread): 
The last few machines on which I installed F8 would crash during the 
installation routine if I tried to customize the packages.  Therefore, 
my procedure now is to take a stock installation and add to it via 
yum/kyum.  The initial installation takes perhaps an hour, and going 
through the list of thousands of packages takes perhaps another two. 
Then there's download/installation time, which I tend to leave for 
overnight.  If the repository groups feature worked, it would help (I 
could, for example, install all games at once rather than picking 
through the lists). 


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