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Re: To php or not..

 You are definitely stuck in the cereal isle from hell! But all of the 
choices are so tasty.... It's just a question of which one becomes 
harder to chew as time goes on. 

Fortunately, unlike the real world, you can try almost every choice 
available for free.  I would recommend that you try the 'hello-world' 
style project for all of the major frameworks out there and decide which 
one you like.  Of course, such a simple example won't really help you 
evaluate the language / framework fully, but at least it's a start. 

I personally prefer Django, but I understand Ruby's draws.  That is, of 
course, the magic of web development - as long as it produces HTML, it 
doesn't matter how its written.  Anyways, you should definitely spend 20 
minutes getting acquainted with: 
 * Ruby on rails 
 * Django 
 * Symfony 
Any other suggestions? 

--Casey Callendrello 

Stephen Adler wrote: 

> It's a web site offering services. It may evolve into a web site 
> offering a web service as in some kind of soap interface providing 
> some kind of low level functionality. Some of the requirements will be 
> some kind of user login feature through username/password, and basic 
> check boxes, radio buttons, text entry etc. Of course the db back end 
> is needed to store data the user will be filling in through the forms 
> etc. 
> I've done a PHP/MySQL application in the past... back in 1998 or so, 
> and was pleased with the results I got from it. The thing I didn't 
> like was the clumsiness of PHP syntax, but it did do want I needed. 
> I'm now thinking of adopting python as my main coding language, 
> deferring any c++ stuff for very basic low level work. If I'm on my 
> python learning curve, I was wondering what it could do for me in 
> putting together a web site providing a service. 
> From everyones input, there's a lot out there! As expected... :) My 
> only problem now is to try and choose between this pethora of 
> choices... I feel like I'm in the supermarket in the cereal isle 
> looking to get some kind of granola... 
> Thanks for everyones input. Cheers. Steve. 
> David Kramer wrote: 
>> Stephen Adler wrote: 
>>> Guys, 
>>> I'm planing on developing a web based service 
>> Do you mean a "web service" or do you mean a website offering a service? 
>> > which will require PHP or 
>>> some other type web front end with mysql db backend. The question I 
>>> have is whether I should dive into PHP or perhaps use python. Does 
>>> anyone have any experience using python? Or should I go all out and 
>>> do a JBOSS thing. (I'm not sure what JBOSS is, but I suppose its 
>>> some kind of web base middleware which allows you to write web 
>>> content and interface with a database back end.) 
>> I'm a big fan of both PHP and Java Servlets.  I'm using both at work, 
>> though I host my servlets in Tomcat instead of JBOSS, because it's 
>> smaller and simpler, and I haven't needed the full J2EE enterprise 
>> beans thing yet. 
>> I like python, but I have a hatred for it in web environments because 
>> my only experience with it was in an environment with RHEL4 (the only 
>> version cleared to go in this USAF data center), with accompanying 
>> ancient version of mod_python and we had to compile our own MySQLdb 
>> module to get it to work.  The whole thing was highly unreliable, and 
>> it was non-deterministic whether a change to the source code would 
>> change the website without deleting the compiled files and restarting 
>> Apache. I'm sure it's no longer like that, but you don't get over 
>> that kind of pain quickly. 

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