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Re: To php or not..

 I've quite a bit of working using sun's java. From using the Swing 
class, to corba and some db connectivity. I find java to be too much for 
most applications and I prefer to stick to shell scripting. (My theory 
of how we will write code in the future will come down to the choice of 
a well designed scripting language. CPU cycles are soooo cheap, that why 
bother compile stuff these days...) 

Seth Gordon wrote: 
> Stephen Adler wrote: 
>> Guys, 
>> I'm planing on developing a web based service which will require PHP 
>> or some other type web front end with mysql db backend. The question 
>> I have is whether I should dive into PHP or perhaps use python. Does 
>> anyone have any experience using python? Or should I go all out and 
>> do a JBOSS thing. (I'm not sure what JBOSS is, but I suppose its some 
>> kind of web base middleware which allows you to write web content and 
>> interface with a database back end.) 
> JBOSS is a J2EE application server. 
> J2EE *may* be an appropriate foundation for a Web-based service if you 
> have a team of Java developers at your disposal and if you've 
> convinced yourself that your requirements are so complicated 
> (baroque?) that you *need* a team of Java developers to implement them. 
> And maybe someone who's already familiar with J2EE would use it for 
> their personal projects. 
> But if you're trying to simultaneously learn a Web development 
> framework *and* use it to develop a Web service all by yourself, J2EE 
> will drive you mad.  At least, that's what it did to me. 
>> Cheers. Steve. 

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