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Re: editor wars! vim vs. emacs. WIMPY vs. fullscreen. ed is the one true editor! (was Re: preferred way to setup a LAMP...)

 On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 06:45:32PM -0500, Brendan Kidwell wrote: 
> Well, I really shouldn't have started an editor war or anything like 
> it. :^) Honestly, I just can't adapt to vim or emacs. I grew up with 
> MS-DOS and Windows, and quit using Windows full time some time in 
> the past few years. 

Have you tried Xemacs?  It has all the features and power of emacs 
plus pull-down menus for many of the most common actions, and even has 
context-specific menus for various modes.  It is definitely not as 
light-weight as a vi clone, but most emacs fans will tell you that 
this is just fine, because you should never, ever exit emacs. ;-) 

> I have no trouble using CLI programs (non-interactive; using 
> switches and pipes and all that) but I simply can't adapt to any 
> interactive program that uses an interface unlike the standard 
> so-called WIMPy interface: windows and pull-down menus 

Humans have survived this long because we are very adaptable.  I'd be 
willing to bed that if you go through the tutorials, and then forced 
yourself to use either vim or emacs, and nothing else, for all your 
text-editing needs for a week, you'd kick yourself for not having done 
so earlier.  There's a reason that the editor war is always between 
vi(m)/emacs... =8^) 

[But there are exceptions to every rule...] 

Derek D. Martin   GPG Key ID: 0xDFBEAD02 
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