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Re: Portrait of A Noob

 Interesting article.  I like some of his points, but disagree with 
dense code, even if I am perhaps still a teenager in his eyes.  If I 
was doing it all over again I would have began programming in a very 
powerful language like Eiffel.  Almost no one uses Eiffel, but for the 
few that do, they are a very elite group.  Eiffel is useful for 
solving pure object oriented problems that are large in scale.  It is 
also a secure cross-platform language.  You write your code in eiffel, 
but it gets translated to portable C code before compilation.  This is 
a language that does not require a VM, yet offers the same 
functionality and even more. 

Want true multiple inheritance?  You get it for free.  Java doesn't 
even do that correctly and resorts to faking it all with extends and 
implements junk.  Also, Eiffel includes a graphical lib that supports 
all major platforms.  That means you write you EiffelVision code once, 
and not for every OS GUI, which is very time consuming to dev for 
win32/GTK/Cocoa/etc.  Swing is pos, and requires the java vm. 
Additionally, Eiffel executables are perhaps even provably secure, 
given that the C code is defined from the Eiffel user's source code. 
Oh, and don't forget dynamic recompilation available in eiffelstudio 
which allows you to recompile even the largest prjects in seconds.  It 
does this by linking in only the parts that have changed.  Pretty cool 
eh?  I could say more, but this blackberry is too damn slow and I am 

On 3/4/08, Samuel Baldwin <[hidden email]> wrote: 
> I thought this was quite a good read. Being somewhere between n00b and 
> teenager programmer myself, I found it quite enlightening. 
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