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Re: editor wars! vim vs. emacs. WIMPY vs. fullscreen. ed is the one true editor!

 I have been an EMACs user for over 30 years, and it (GNU Emacs and 
Xemacs) provide me (a developer) with just about everything I need to 
develop code. But, EMACS has a lot of options, it is fully extensible. 

The VI editor has been the standard Unix editor going back to about 
1980. It was written by Bill Joy at Berkeley, but incorporated into 
AT&T System V.  VIM is the OpenSource version of VI. In general, system 
admins tend to prefer VI. VIM can be executed from the command line as 
well as from a GUI. It also has a command line mode, called ex. You 
will see that vi and ex are symlinked /bin/vim in Linux. The original 
Unix editor was a command line editor called ed. 

Essentially, these are the most common editors on Linux. Both GNOME and 
KDE have integrated editors, similar to the Windows notepad (gedit, 
kedit).  Both EMACS and VI have the capability to be customized 
including the changing of the key bindings. (EMACS even has a VI 
mode).  But, since there are almost as many editors around as members 
of this list, it is really your choice.   

Jerry Feldman <[hidden email]> 
Boston Linux and Unix 
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