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Re: OT: Saving energy

 Shouldn't it use the same? Heating up cloths gets rid of the water on them, 
if you put in 1 unit of water at 1 unit of time to get it to dry, then 
getting 2 units of water at 2 units of time will be required. Of course the 
whites will require less energy to dry off then the colors, esp if the 
whites are just tee shirts and undies and sox, while colors being something 
much heavier like a sweat shirt. Both are rendered moot however if you are 
talking about washing 2 totally different fabrics. Wool for example takes on 
a lot more water then cotton which takes on much less water then spandex. 
Basically, you don't have enough information to answer the question. ~Ben 

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 10:03 AM, Tom Haskins-Vaughan < 
[hidden email]> wrote: 

> Hi, 
> I know that this has nothing to do with Linux so please FEEL FREE TO 
> IGNORE THIS, but my rationale for posting on this list is that I figure 
> a lot of Linux people are the kind of people who like to think 
> differently and might be intrigued by this question: 
> I have two loads of laundry: colours and whites. I wash colours first, 
> then the whites. Assuming I don't have an outside washing line, I want 
> to dry them in my tumble dryer. I have two options: 
> - I could put the colours in the dryer whilst I'm washing the whites and 
> then add the whites when they're done washing. (Let's assume that it 
> takes more time to dry clothes than wash them.) 
> - Or I could wait until both loads have finished before putting them in 
> the dryer at the same time. 
> Which way of drying uses the less energy? 
> Tom 
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