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RE: Saving energy

 What ever solution has the dryer on for the shortest period of time. 
- Eric the obvious. 

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> Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 10:03 AM 
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> Subject: OT: Saving energy 
> Hi, 
> I know that this has nothing to do with Linux so please FEEL 
> FREE TO IGNORE THIS, but my rationale for posting on this 
> list is that I figure a lot of Linux people are the kind of 
> people who like to think differently and might be intrigued 
> by this question: 
> I have two loads of laundry: colours and whites. I wash 
> colours first, then the whites. Assuming I don't have an 
> outside washing line, I want to dry them in my tumble dryer. 
> I have two options: 
> - I could put the colours in the dryer whilst I'm washing the 
> whites and then add the whites when they're done washing. 
> (Let's assume that it takes more time to dry clothes than wash them.) 
> - Or I could wait until both loads have finished before 
> putting them in the dryer at the same time. 
> Which way of drying uses the less energy? 
> Tom 
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