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Re: OT: Saving energy

 On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 10:03:03AM -0500, Tom Haskins-Vaughan wrote: 
> - Or I could wait until both loads have finished before putting them in 
> the dryer at the same time. 
> Which way of drying uses the less energy? 

Intuitively, the latter seems like the most energy-efficient solution 
(and probably is), but possibly not.  It probably depends on the 
relative load sizes of the two machines, or more accurately, how full 
the dryer ends up being with both loads in it, and how much moisture 
the clothes have retained. 

For the clothes to dry effectively, they need to have some room to 
flop around a bit (the more surface area exposed to the hot air, the 
faster they'll dry).  If I'm not mistaken, if you pack the dryer full, 
it will take much longer for the clothes to dry, and most likely the 
clothes near the axis of the dryer's tub will not dry at all (due to 
having virtually no surface area exposed to hot air).  It may take 
just as long to do the whole two loads at one time, or even longer due 
to having to remove some clothes and finish drying the stuff that was 
stuck in the middle. 

It's kind of like cooking... it takes hours to cook a big roast, but 
only a few seconds to cook shabu-shabu (meat shaved very thin, boiled 
in broth), even though it's typically frozen (or nearly frozen) when 
it arrives at your table.  But both are yummy. =8^) 

Derek D. Martin   GPG Key ID: 0xDFBEAD02 
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