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Re: Moving from RAID 0 to LVM RAID?

 >Not quite. You can actually do a vgremove of the dead drive, and 
>typically recover any files that were completely confined to the 
>remaining disks/volume groups. 

>> this is bad and in fact your LVM controller may really 
>> hate you 

>Um... There is no such thing as an LVM controller. Its all done in 
>software by the kernel. 

Recovery from a broken disk, I would say depending on the drive condition 
but over all when i've seen drives die they die hard, some of the data is 
recoverable I'm sure but not all. And the controller I was talking about is 
the kernel module, obviously it's not in hardware. Perhaps I'm using the 
wrong word, I've always referred to the thing that governs the LVM's as the 
lvm controller. LVM's  I would say are kinda neat, but to be honest I still 
haven't seen a case where they were needed. Only once did I see a case where 
the fact that they were used was a benefit and that was on an orical DB that 
had each of mounts broken up into their own LVM groups. Of course though, 
they were using huge amounts of space from a pool and basically shaved off 
stuff as it was needed, most other times i've seen it used as a "OOO look 
now I am using LVMs woot!" and I ask why and get back an answer like, well 
that was the default install. Oh sorry, one other time was when everyone in 
the office was using sun sparc 5 diskless work stations and all of our home 
drives were based on a concept like  LVM but different, never did ask what 
it was called. It could grow and stuff though, but I don't know what it 
was.  They are also hell if you want to ever do anything like ghost, or at 
least they were... I haven't done any market research like that for about a 

>I'd wager more like 50-50. I've seen plenty of 2U boxes that have 4 to 6 
>drive bays and don't come with any RAID controller at all, let alone one 
>capable of RAID 5. 

I'm very surprised by this. Every low end rack comp i've seen that wasn't 
more then 3 years old has come with some form of raid, to the point where I 
can even get hardware raid on MB's for personal home comps. There were a 
bunch i've worked with that were true POS in every sense of the word, but 
they were EOL and their replacements had raid on board. Every single 4-6 HDD 
comp i've seen I think i've seen a built in raid controller capable of 
handling 5. If not then I highly recommend getting boxes that do in fact 
have hardware raid, if you can't then use software. 

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