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to php or not... continued


I've started down the path of looking at cherrypy and cheetha for the 
two web content management tools. I'll probably use django for my object 
wrapping so that I can talk to a database. So far so good. I havn't 
plugged into Turbogears or Pylons which is supposed to be the front to 
back web service development framework, basically just for the lack of time. 

But, I sort of see the way the ball is bouncing. All this leads to the 
MVC pattern... (I hate this acronym stuff...) which is what I had in 
mind to begin with when setting up this project. With cheetha, I can 
very nicely split up all my web content and design into separate 
template files, so my web site will start by looking ugly as hell, but 
will have all the functionality I want. I'm all thumbs when it comes to 
making a website look nice. So, what I see in the future is that I'm 
going to need the help of a good graphic artist or some such person who 
can take my pile of template files, and fix it up so that my web service 
has a professional polish. I don't need someone to deal with the 
database, or structure of the web site, since I'll have that fully under 
control. All I'll need is the eye candy component. 

So, I would assume there must be a full industry of people who make web 
sites look nice. Can someone give me a point of how to get a hold of 
these people to get an idea of how much it would cost to hire someone to 
fix up my web site? 

Thanks. Cheers. Steve. 

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