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Re: Duplicate USB Drives

 Matt Kowalski wrote: 
> Does anyone know how to duplicate a source USB thumb drive to multiple 
> target drives in Linux?   I was thinking *dd*... 

Look around and see if there is a tool for cloning the type of file 
system you have on your USB drive. If you're going to be doing this 
often, and you want the image to be small and created fast, it'll be 
worth using a specialized tool. ntfsclone is one example. 

> do I specify multiple outputs for each device? 

How much effort is it worth to avoid reading the USB device multiple 
times or copying the image after you've made the first clone? 

One way would be to have dd write to STDOUT and then chain as many 
instances of tee as you need for each file you want to write to. 

Another way might be to have dd or whatever tool you end up using write 
to a named pipe. Then write a script that reads chunks from the named 
pipe and writes them to each of the target files. 


Tom Metro 
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA 
"Enterprise solutions through open source." 
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