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Need bootp or floppy image for 3com cs/2600

  I am new to your bulletin board.  I don't know 
  much about bulletin boards.  But I have worked 
  with 3Com cs/2600's.  I haven't had to configure 
  one, but have used units that contained 
  config floppy's set up by other people. 

  These boxes are ancient (about 15 years old - 
  open one up, and you see a design from the 
  early 80's - the floppy drive is a 2.8(?) Gbyte 
  unit that is made up of multiple circuit boards, 
  with ribbon cables between them.  Open 2 
  commservers, and they often have different 
  designs for the floppy drive, so you can't 
  swap floppy drive hardware between them. 
  Rather than try to learn to use one of these 
  old comservers, you might wish to get 
  Lantronix com servers and work with those. 
  They can be had for about $50 to $150 for 
  16 port small plastic com servers, or 
  16 port rackmount com servers.  The more expensive 
  units are the rackmount units.  (I have bought 
  16 port models, they sell 4 port to 32 port 
  models).  The lantronix units 
  run from flash, not an ancient floppy drive, 
  and you can get a manual from the lantronix 
  web site.  But it still takes a lot of work 
  to figure out how to configure one fo the 
  Lantronix com servers.  You need to figure out 
  how to configure the com server from 
  a CLI (command line interface).  They are 
  powerful boxes, with about a 350 page manual. 

  The 3Com com server needs to execute CLI 
  (command line interface) commands from the 
  floppy.    You can also configure the com server 
  from entering CLI commands in from a telnet session. 
  When you remove the floppy, and reboot the 
  comserver, one of the 25 pin serial ports becomes 
  a console port.  (It would be a bit easier if it 
  had a dedicated console port on the front). 
  But, like the Lantronix com server, it uses it's own 
  CLI.  It takes a lot of work to learn it. 
  Given the age of the 3Com com servers, 
  and the fact that you can get Lantronix 
  com servers for $50 to $150 on ebay, I wouldn't 
  bother with the 3Com 2600 com server.  Get 
  a more modern box that will last more than 
  a year or two. 
  As for 3Com.   3Com employed over 6000 people in 
  it's Santa Clara, Ca. campus in 1996.  Today I 
  think it employs no one in Santa Clara.  3Com 
  exited most of the businesses it was in in the 
  1990's, alienating a lot of it's customers in doing 
  that.  It's only around today because it made 
  billions selling Palm stock after it spun off 
  Palm. It's hard to find support on any pre-2000 
  3Com products today. 


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