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Re: virtual dedicated server recommendations

 Check out vpslink... 

On 3/19/08, Bob Keyes <[hidden email]> wrote: 
> I am paying $65 a month for colo of my 1U server, 
> which is an old 750 mhz pentium III. I am thinking of 
> upgrading it, but also I'd like to spend less money, 
> which is making me think of moving onto a virtual 
> hosted server environment. I have to say I really 
> haven't kept up with this market too much. I don't use 
> a lot of bandwidth, but don't want to have bill shock 
> if i get slashdotted either. I am running debian on my 
> current server, and am considering moving to Ubuntu 
> 6.06 LTS. I'd also like to have some facility for data 
> backup. 
> I own my own Class C. A portable one. 
> I am hoping to route this again. 
> Ideally, I'd like to use a few IPs from it for my own 
> use but trade the rest of it for free virtual hosted 
> server at a reputable place (i.e. one which won't give 
> out my IP space to spammers). I am hard up for money 
> these days, so I am trying to maximize my resources, 
> and I know that IP space is dear. I've been running 
> this server ( for friends since 1995. I 
> don't want to move it to gmail or otherwise loose 
> control of it, but the $65 is going to go up shortly, 
> and that hurts. 
> Suggestions? 
> Thanks, 
> Bob 
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