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Re: [JOB] - Linux Appliance Distro Jockeys Wanted

 This sounds like a perfect fit job for my friend Peter Petrakis 
(CC'd).  We went to school together and I know he has excellent 
low-level Linux kernel chops.  He currently hardens I/O drivers for a 
well-known company in the area.  He even worked at Alpha Linux back in 
the day before getting his degree, focusing on 64-bit issues.  He has 
a BS in ECE and really knows his stuff.  He rips through SCSI spec 
documents for breakfast ... seriously.  One time I was at his 
apartment, which is my old apartment, and I stayed over night on the 
couch.  I wake up and there is the dude stretched out in his easy 
chair chomping on some cereal while eyeing a 500 page bound ream of 
paper, heh.  Definitely dedicated, can code circles around me in C, 
and thoroughly utilizes lxr/vim/meld/etc to get things done 
efficiently :-)  Email me off-list if you want any more info. 

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 8:13 AM, Charles C. Bennett, Jr. <[hidden email]> wrote: 
>  Pardon the intrusion... 
>  Two and half years ago Jesse Noller posted on this list looking for a 
>  'Linux Guy' for a startup in Waltham called 'Archivas'.  Archivas makes 
>  a clustered data archiving appliance which uses a group of Linux nodes 
>  to make a high-availability spinning-disk WORM device. 
>  I became the Linux Guy at Archivas.  The Linux Guy at Archivas is 
>  responsible for providing the operating system and all the OS-to-App 
>  glue used by the nodes.  This has meant stripping down a stock Fedora 
>  distro to the bare essentials, providing a custom unattended CDROM and 
>  PXE installer (we dumped Anaconda early) and doing all of the code that 
>  handles storage and network discovery and configuration, as well as all 
>  of the init-script and log rotation noise you'd need on such an 
>  application node.  I also get to consult on 10,000 details on how we use 
>  Linux for other things inside the shop. 
>  Last year Archivas was bought by Hitachi Data Systems and this OS is 
>  finding its way into other product lines at Hitachi.  It's grown to 
>  support multipathed Fibre and iSCSI SAN with internode storage failovers 
>  and fairly tight integration with enterprise SAN management tools, yada, 
>  yada, yada. 
>  Although everybody here uses Linux on their desktop and there are a lot 
>  of very talented engineers, most of them are Java jockeys working at the 
>  application layer or Python people working test automation and have no 
>  skill or interest in helping out with the increasing load of bringing 
>  new features into the underlying platform. 
>  Being *the* Linux guy my work load is crushingly high.  I need help. 
>  Most recruiters are worse than useless in finding the kind of person we 
>  need: Linux Chimera.  Ideally someone interested in joining me would 
>  have a skill mix similar to my own: 
>  - solid Linux sysadmin skills 
>  - reasonable familiarity with GNU/Linux release engineering, like 
>   RPM (rpmbuild, spec files, patching SRPMS, etc), yum, some autoconf 
>   savvy and solid GNU make skills 
>  - decent programming skills in at least two of bash, busybox ash, awk, 
>   C and python 
>  - knows how Fedora is put together from the initrd, sysfs, udev, 
>   /etc/sysconfig level 
>  - knows what to do with a modalias file in sysfs 
>  - venerates Ken Thompson and views Linux through UNIX v7 glasses 
>  Pluses would include: 
>  - SAN experience 
>  - familiarity with dm-multipath 
>  - familiarity with dm-crypt 
>  - familiarity with OpenIPMI 
>  - Voldemort-level python and GNU Make skills 
>  - QEMU virtualization 
>  - TUN/TAP VLAN routing for virtual machines 
>  - some Perl 
>  - deep (CDB/sgio-level) SCSI chops 
>  - emacs, 'if( foo ) {', pepsi, cats, Paige, Python 
>  I would gladly take a Bill Nottingham or Jeremy Katz but they're kind of 
>  busy. 
>  We're still in Waltham.  We work hard and learn new stuff every day and 
>  spend a lot of time drilling down on stuff that's not widely understood 
>  in the Linux world (like SCSI persistent reservations on Multipath).  We 
>  pay real money and being a division of Hitachi Ltd. (Japan) we're going 
>  to be here for a while.  The original Archivas management is still here 
>  and is very deft at preserving the 'startup' feel that many of us here 
>  require to work happily. 
>  If this kind of gig interests you and you think you can come up to speed 
>  quickly with the kinds of skills I need, reply to me directly and we'll 
>  talk. 
>  Thanks, 
>  ccb 
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