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Re: Linux ready for the home desktop?

 >  I love seeing foolish, arbitrary statements like this. 
>  Windows, when not shutdown properly, has the same message about disk checking. 
>  Does it matter that all of my relatives, gf and myself have been using Linux 
>  as our only desktop for a minimum of 5 years? How does that fit in with your 
>  statement? Perhaps "My parents freaked out over the disk check." instead 
>  of "Linux isn't ready." 

I quite agree, the statement is too wide and assumed much in it's 
pomposity. Linux is ready for "the" desktop in front of me, it's ready 
for the desktop my mum uses and it's ready for the desktop my friends 

It's not ready for people who do not know what they're getting into, 
linux is NOT windows and to presume that it's just a better version of 
windows is foolish. The proposition when installing desktop linux for 
home users is very important since it will reflect what value people 
believe they will get out of it and what advantages they will take 
from it. 

For instance a lot of the people that I see at the South End 
Technoledgy Center are towards the poorer end of the economy; to them 
the idea that you can get the operating system for free is not 
important since windows comes for "free" on all PCs. No what excites 
them is being able to arbitrarily choose a new application, download 
it and use it without paying anything. with no virus checker or 
spamware to pay for and the general advice that buying software at a 
store isn't going to work it prepares people for what they need to 
account for and provides a happier linux user. 

Best Regards, Martin Owens 

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