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Re: KVM question

 On Sat, 03 May 2008 21:46:20 -0400 
Jarod Wilson <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> Well, the OS running on the boxes the kvm is physically attached to 
> doesn't matter (or at least shouldn't). To the boxes, it looks like 
> either a ps2 keboard/mouse and video combo or a usb keyboard/mouse and 
> video combo, depending on the adapter. The java viewer software only 
> runs on the workstation you're trying to remotely view with. (Nb: you 
> can also have an actual keyboard mouse and display hooked up to the kvm 
> to view that way as well). 

The issue is really the java viewer. As long as I can use that from an 
Itanium workstation, I'm satisfied. The problem in our office is that 
the server room is very small and there is no room for a keyboard and 
monitor. When I need to do something on one of the Intel boxes, such as 
what happend the other day when I got back from vacation, there had 
been a power failure and one of the servers failed to come back up (bad 
disk). I had to use someone else's monitor and keyboard so that when 
she came in, she was relegated to using her laptop keyboard and screen. 
The other issue is that one of my coworkers frequently works on 
weekends, and having console access in case of a failure would be 
necessary because the people that run the office are 9-5. 

Jerry Feldman <[hidden email]> 
Boston Linux and Unix 
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