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RE: looking for complete tomcat 5.5.26 rpm

 On Sun, 2008-05-04 at 16:16 -0400, ref wrote: 
> > > 
> > > no, CentOS is a pretty closed distribution 
> > 
> > Huh? How so? 
> well, to stay within their repos' you are stuck with things like 
> PHP-5.1.6, tomcat -5.5.20 etc.. 

Yes, that's because CentOS is a rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 
which doesn't (generally) do version-bumps during its life-cycle. Its 
the whole "long-term support with an unchanging base, so your enterprise 
apps of today will still run, complete with security updates, 7 years 
later" thing. 

> I must also say that I was a Debian sysadmin for the last 5 years before 
> getting this job, so I am no expert at RPMs, and am having a hard time 
> adjusting to YUM... On a server with no GUI, dselect was my best 
> friend ... far more intuitive than what I have see of YUM... but that 
> may be my inexperience with the RPM system showing ;) 

'yum grouplist' might be helpful. Nothing cli I'm aware of that gives 
the same functionality as dselect though -- its usually done on Fedora 
with either yumex or pirut (or now PackageKit), all of which are 
graphical tools. 

> > > and I have googled for hours 
> > > and cannot find it. The brest I can find is 5.5.20, and it is broken... 
> > > I can find 5.5.26 for fedora7,8 and 9, but they have unlocate-able 
> > > dependencies 
> > 
> > If its in the Fedora repos, the dependencies are also in the Fedora 
> > repos. Broken deps aren't allowed to linger for very long in the Fedora 
> > repos, and that'd be a rather noticeable one... 
> > 
> well it did install of a FC7 system, but will not install on the CentOS 
> system. that is what is driving me a bit nuts. I understand that Fedora 
> and RHEL (centOS) are different, but CentOS seems a loooong way 
> behind .. 

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