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Re: KVM question

 On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 4:28 PM, Jerry Feldman <[hidden email]> wrote: 
> We still have not made our decision, but we are currently considering 3 
>  KVM solutions. All the KVM solutions require remote LAN access and 16 
>  ports. Also add a rack mounted console (1U).  All require cables at 
>  just under $100 per cable. All system support Linux and Windows remote 
>  users. 
>  I am considering 4 brands: 
>  1. Aten. JABR's company bought an Aten KH1516I for about $800.  Aten 
>  also has some consoles at different resolutions from about $1200 FOR A 
>  15IN 1024X768. 
>  2. Rose Electronics UltraView Remote 2. We have been quoted $2300. Rose 
>  also has a monitor/kbd for about the same price range as Aten. 
>  3. Avocent. The DSR2030 is about $4000, but does have a remote CD 
>  capability. 
>  4. APC. About $3000. 
>  Our needs are to control 9 or 10 Linux servers, all probably running 
>  RHEL 4. One of our servers is a tower, but the others are rack 
>  mountable, and we will be buying a rack. I've got about 40U worth of 
>  servers, and I will need a KVM (1U), a local console(1U), and a 
>  switch(1U). Hopefully one of the servers will migrate over to 
>  Marlborough and become a BLU server so I do have room in the rack. 
>  The Avocent remote CD capability is interesting in that we are in a 
>  Regus office (HQ company) where we don't have a key to the server room. 
>  We normally have to get someone to open it every time we go in, so in 
>  the worst case, when installing an OS, we would have to get someone to 
>  open the door every time we mount a CD. But, is that worth the premium 
>  price. Currently, it appears that we would probably order the Rose 
>  units because that is what we have in our other data centers. I've 
>  already got feedback from Avocent users, but I am looking for feedback 
>  primarily on Aten as that is the  most cost effective solution. 
>  -- 
>  -- 
>  Jerry Feldman <[hidden email]> 
>  Boston Linux and Unix 
>  PGP key id: 537C5846 
>  PGP Key fingerprint: 3D1B 8377 A3C0 A5F2 ECBB  CA3B 4607 4319 537C 5846 

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