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Re: Hiawatha Bray

 [hidden email] wrote: 
> Has anyone followed his writing for any length of time? 
> He used to write a pretty tech savvy column years ago. He would discuss 
> Linux and how much more stable it was over Windows. Talk about various 
> technologies coming up and so on. 
> In the last 10 years, I guess, he has turned into a complete Microsoft 
> whore. One of his last columns tried to sell a Levino laptop over a MacAir 
> laptop. The MacAir was cheaper and thinner and targeted a different market 
> than the Levino ruggedized Laptop which cost almost twice as much. 
> I stopped assuming his column was independent years ago. These days, it 
> seems he doesn't even take the facts seriously. 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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