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Re: Hawatha Bray


I would agree with your assessment, having read some of his pieces   
over the past number of years. He has often ticked off the Mac   
community and does often appear to be a shill for Microsoft. 

In regards to the recent article that you refer to:

I think he was actually gentle on Apple. I really think the Mac Air is   
an over-priced, feature-less Mac like we haven't seen in quite some   
time. I say this as a long-time Mac User, fan, and supporter. 

I have also had the "opportunity" to have some close-up experience   
with the Lenovo X300. I am not particularly fond of Windows Systems,   
although I have used and supported them as long as I have been using   
Macs. I spend most of my time using, supporting and Administering   
Linux, UNIX, OSX in addition to Windows systems. Given the choice, I   
might be Windowless, except for the needs of my employer, clients,   
friends, and family who insist upon torturing themselves. 

Without going into specs and details the $1600 Mac Air is not a fair   
comparison...the higher priced system, with some add-ons (like   
external peripherals) would be more reasonable. The X300 (with XP,   
since I and nobody I've worked for and with would get near Vista) is   
an impressive system. It is well designed, loaded with features, and   
after having worked with a handful of them for the last month makes me   
say "If you have to buy a Windows should buy one of these". 

I say this with regret...Apple has blown it with the Mac Air, Lenovo   
has put out a far superior product; despite the fact that I still   
think Windows sucks and I would rather use an OSX system any day of   
the week. It would make a great Linux laptop. 

For those of you who haven't seen it yet...check out the Mac Air   
Lenovo Parody: 


On May 9, 2008, at 12:32 PM, [hidden email] wrote: 

> Has anyone followed his writing for any length of time? 
> He used to write a pretty tech savvy column years ago. He would   
> discuss 
> Linux and how much more stable it was over Windows. Talk about various 
> technologies coming up and so on. 
> In the last 10 years, I guess, he has turned into a complete Microsoft 
> whore. One of his last columns tried to sell a Levino laptop over a   
> MacAir 
> laptop. The MacAir was cheaper and thinner and targeted a different   
> market 
> than the Levino ruggedized Laptop which cost almost twice as much. 
> I stopped assuming his column was independent years ago. These days,   
> it 
> seems he doesn't even take the facts seriously. 
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