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Re: KVM question - skip this technology entirely

 On Mon, 12 May 2008 09:15:23 -0400 
"Matt Shields" <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> The ILO's have a DC input for an extra power brick.  So even if you 
> the main power cables were pulled, it's still possible to get into the 
> ILO, which would have an alert that says it's main power source has 
> been lost.  The ILO's are nice, but I found they cost more to use 
> them.  I won't run lower end switches just to maintain a KVM network, 
> when I used them in the past I put them on my regular enterprise class 
> switches on a different VLAN.  Once you figured in the cost of the ILO 
> license, the extra network ports, the extra power ports for the brick, 
> it did cost more than a KVM solution. 

In my experience, the ILO port is dead when you remove power, and there 
is no licensing that I am aware of. However, there is an additional 
management module you can license from HP, but the basic ILO, AFAIK, 
does not require a license. 

Jerry Feldman <[hidden email]> 
Boston Linux and Unix 
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